Will companies still pay for Biden's big spending plan?

Image As Wall Street watches the debate over President Joe Biden's flagship infrastructure, climate and social spending plans in Washington, it has one major question: Will corporations pay more in tax to fund the programs?

China says it will cut fossil fuel consumption to 20% by 2060

Image China plans to cut its reliance on fossil fuels to below 20% by 2060, according to a cabinet document published in state media Sunday.

'Dune' caps off solid month for movie theaters with strong opening

Image "Dune" — the science fiction epic from Warner Bros. — took in an estimated $40.1 million at the North American box office this weekend.

2 children killed, 8 people injured when a car lost control at Texas drag race

Image Two young boys were killed Saturday afternoon in Kerrville, Texas, after a vehicle taking part in a drag racing event lost control and struck spectators, police said.

Analysis: Biden faces another potentially decisive moment in the Covid fight

Image Tens of millions of Americans who see vaccines as a passport back to normal life are craving clear, jargon-free advice about boosters for themselves and first-time shots for their kids as another pandemic winter looms.

Justice Clarence Thomas is ready to take over the Supreme Court

Image Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas took his seat on the far end of the bench in 1991 feeling -- he once said -- "beat up" by the workload. A bitter confirmation battle marked by allegations of sexual harassment by Anita Hill was over, but liberals still lamented the fact that a 43-year-old conservative would take the place of retired civil rights icon Justice Thurgood Marshall.