Affichage des articles du août, 2021

Middle Tennessee was clawing its way out of devastation from recent flooding -- and saw more rain from Ida

Image Middle Tennessee remains deep in recovery mode after last week's deadly and destructive flooding -- and it appears to have been spared from any significant flooding from Tropical Depression Ida.

Texas' 6-week abortion ban lets private citizens sue providers

Image A Texas state law that bans abortion after as early as six weeks into the pregnancy could provide the playbook for red states to pass extreme abortion restrictions -- without having to wait for the Supreme Court to revisit Roe v. Wade.

California recall contender makes misleading claim that young people don't need Covid vaccines

Image Larry Elder, the leading GOP candidate vying to replace California Gov. Gavin Newsom, said he doesn't think it's necessary for young people to get vaccinated against Covid-19 or for children to wear masks at school, and he vowed to repeal any mask or vaccine mandates for California's state workers if he is elected to replace the Democratic governor in the September 14 special election.

Here's what it's like to drive a new $100,000 Jeep

Image Cruising up a highway heading north out of New York City, the bright white Jeep Grand Wagoneer I was driving got the sort of attention usually given to Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Other vehicles maneuvered to get a better look and smartphones were held out through car windows for a shot.

Giuliani's communications director resigns

Image Rudy Giuliani's communications director has resigned from her position, ending a nearly two-year stint as the former New York City mayor faces mounting legal problems.

Hospital sets up beds in lobby amid flood of Covid-19 patients


Deputies break up fights over masks


Monument falls over, kills 5-yr-old girl


Cougar kept as illegal pet removed from home


Wife pleads guilty in connection to beheading


Lifeguard killed after lightning strike


Teen with Covid released from hospital after 96 days


10-week-old puppy stolen from pet store


8-year-old girl shot after football game


Waverly residents brace for threat of flash floods


Rep. Cawthorn talks of 'bloodshed' over future elections as he pushes voting lies

Image Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn on Sunday suggested there could be "bloodshed" over future elections as he pushed false claims about election security and voter fraud.

Abortion providers ask Supreme Court to block Texas' six-week ban

Image Lawyers for abortion clinics in Texas raced to the Supreme Court Monday, asking the justices to block a controversial law that bans abortions at six weeks and allows private citizens to bring civil suits against anyone who assists a pregnant person seeking an abortion in violation of the law.

'First People' license plates are a testament to one man's mission


Sherriff rescues owl hit by car


Neighbors: Hammer was used to kill boy


Red Cross gives free haircut coupons to donors


Man shot while standing in home's garage


Girl's free produce stand helps community


Indiana football player dies in crash


Exhausted and without hope, East Asian youth are 'lying flat'

Image As a high schooler growing up in a small town in eastern China, Li Xiaoming dreamed of moving to a big city where he could have a better life.

Oil industry hit hard as Hurricane Ida raged toward New Orleans

Image Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans Sunday after cutting through the Gulf of Mexico, causing massive disruptions to US oil production before making landfall.

Theme park guest climbs into restricted area, gets hurt


Students honored for heroic actions


Boaters help rescue man in makeshift raft


Subway service restored after NYC power surge


Shooting victim's wife charged with murder


Tesla in 'auto pilot' mode hits patrol car


Parents concerned with school's protocols


14 portable morgues to help with Covid deaths


Duke employees have till Oct 1 to get vaccine


Small plane crashes in backyard


New California wildfire forces evacuations and grows to 1,200 acres in less than 6 hours

Image As many in the southeastern United States brace for Hurricane Ida, across the country in California some San Diego County residents have been forced from their homes because of a new, fast-growing wildfire.

Analysis: President DeSantis? Florida voters say 'no.'


Emergency responders prepare to help during Ida


Analysis: Blast raises questions about Biden's leadership

Image America's longest war ending as it began, with the nation mourning the dead of a terrorist attack and an outraged President vowing to hunt down the culprits in Afghanistan.

Private funding was key in some 2020 elections. Republicans have outlawed it in nearly a dozen states.

Image Patty Hansen, who has helped run elections in Coconino County, Arizona, for 17 years, went on a spending spree last year.

States making up the SEC have low vaccination rates, but stadiums will be at 100% capacity

Image As football season kicks off this weekend, stadiums across the Southeastern Conference (SEC) return to full capacity with eager and nostalgic fans who might have missed games due to the pandemic.

Washington man convicted of hate crime in transgender teen's murder

Image A Washington state man was found guilty Friday in the death of a transgender teenager, Nikki Kuhnhausen.

Analysis: The California recall is another quirk of American democracy

Image California's recall process ranks right up there with the Electoral College when it comes to quirks in US democracy that gives -- or takes way -- Americans' leaders.

Kanye West's Yeezy jacket is a huge hit for Gap

Image The Gap's remarkable turnaround under CEO Sonia Syngal is continuing, thanks in part to Kanye West, TikTok and Simone Biles.

History taught the US central bank a lesson about what to do during a crisis. Will that be enough?

Image Since its inception in 1913, the US Federal Reserve — the most important institution in charge of managing America's economy — has learned a lot about what it should and shouldn't do during a crisis. Just ask a Fed historian.

A key inflation measure rose at fastest pace in 30 years in July

Image The Federal Reserve's favorite measure of inflation rose to its highest level since 1991 in July, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said Friday.

Tim Cook gets $750 million bonus on 10th anniversary as Apple CEO

Image Apple CEO Tim Cook just celebrated 10 years on the job. He also marked the occasion this week by collecting — and selling off — three quarters of a billion dollars' worth of stock.

UK worker shortages could cancel Christmas. Brexit isn't helping

Image UK food producers and supermarkets are warning that empty shelves could persist through the year-end holiday season unless the government acts to ease a shortage of workers and truck drivers caused by Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic.

UAW president: Union will not require vaccination against COVID-19