Affichage des articles du avril, 2020

Alabama highway traffic wrecks plummet


Local farm doing well despite national struggles


Volvo uses truck parts to make face shields


Memphis receives $113 million in federal aid


Local attorney planning to sue Amazon


Woman loses mom, grandma weeks apart


Americans are hoarding cash: Savings rate hits its highest level since 1981

Image Americans are so nervous about the state of the economy that they are stashing cash in the bank at a rate not seen since the first year of Ronald Reagan's presidency.

Opinion: Without more help, black-owned businesses might not survive the pandemic

Image Black communities in the United States not only represent a disproportionate share of casualties from coronavirus, but they have also been deeply affected by the economic impact of the disease. Longstanding racial discrimination in economic and housing policy has increased their risk for exposure to the virus, as well as the resulting financial crisis.

The dark side of working from home: loneliness

Image Now that many people have been working from home for more than a month, the novelty might be starting to wane. And a dark side of working remote could emerge: loneliness.

Nintendo Switch and 'Animal Crossing' are quarantine bestsellers. Here's why

Image People are playing more video games than before, but one console is markedly more popular than the others. The Nintendo Switch has been in high demand during the pandemic, selling out on multiple websites.

Global energy use suffers a 'historic shock'

Image Global energy use has been dealt such a huge blow by the coronavirus pandemic that it's like wiping out demand from all of India, a country of 1.3 billion people and the world's third biggest consumer.

Why Stacey Abrams is making her case for VP

Image Stacey Abrams is everywhere, and she's not coy about her ambitions: She wants to be Joe Biden's running mate.

Tech companies are showing resilience during the coronavirus storm

Image The biggest tech companies in the world are shining during an otherwise harrowing earnings season, as cloud businesses get a boost from the spike in working from home and revenue stays resilient.

The oil bankruptcies are just beginning. Here's who could be next

Image The oil crash is blocking American frackers from accessing the cheap credit that fueled their prolific rise. That reversal of fortunes could prove fatal for overleveraged shale oil companies.

Umpire waits for benefits while living in his car


Family loses father, son to Covid-19


23 Walmart employees test positive for Covid-19


Woman's efforts to donate kidney get back on track


Before you mow the lawn, listen to this 7-year-old message


Body found in air duct at grocery store


Officer charged in death of 12-year-old


Farmers panic as virus ruins hopes for great year


Christian group sues over 'draconian' restrictions


Opinion: Billionaires are getting even richer from the pandemic. Enough is enough

Image The United States is suffering a horrendous pandemic. But while the coronavirus itself is indiscriminate, there are huge disparities in who suffers from the resulting economic fallout.

How you go to the doctor may have changed forever

Image Telemedicine has been around for more than two decades, but its adoption among Americans has been relatively low. The coronavirus pandemic is quickly changing that.

Rare inflammatory syndrome seen in US child with Covid-19

Image US doctors say they may have seen a possible complication of coronavirus infection in a young child: a rare inflammatory condition called Kawasaki disease.

Sailors start to return to USS Theodore Roosevelt

Image Sailors from the coronavirus-stricken USS Theodore Roosevelt will begin returning to the aircraft carrier in the next 24 to 48 hours for the first time since they were moved ashore because of Covid-19, according to a defense official.

Ford cancels plan to make Lincoln electric vehicle with Rivian

Image Ford's plan to make an electric vehicle in cooperation with Rivian, a Michigan-based electric vehicle company, under its luxury Lincoln brand have been called off.

Dog that went missing after alerting family to a tornado is found

Image A dog that saved her family's life by alerting them to a deadly tornado before it destroyed their Tennessee home has been found after nearly two months.

JetBlue to become first major US airline to require passengers to wear face coverings

Image US airline JetBlue will require all passengers to wear a face covering during travel starting on May 4, according to a statement from the airline.

5 tips for managers who have to lay off employees remotely

Image As employers assess the damage caused by one of the most punishing economic downturns in US history, layoffs may be the norm for awhile.

Google makes Meet, its Zoom and Skype competitor, free for everyone

Image Free-to-use Zoom and Skype are getting some competition: Meet, which is Google's premium video conferencing tool, is now free for everyone.

Man receives stimulus payment for deceased mother


Motorcycle riders surprise preschooler with parade


Doctor living in RV claims harassment by neighbor


School determined to let seniors have graduation


National Guard member recovers and donates plasma


Face shields being created via injection molding


Senior pics put on yard signs in front of school


Andrew Yang sues over New York's canceled presidential primary

Image Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is suing the New York State Board of Elections after the state election commission voted to cancel its presidential primary over coronavirus fears.

Fauci stresses need for 'productive partnership' between states and federal government

Image Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House coronavirus task force, said the federal government is still trying to connect the dots with states on testing and that "we need to have a productive partnership" as the US grapples with the novel coronavirus.

Prisoner released, swings sword at woman


Flower donation brightens days of medical workers


Boy donates piggy bank to local hospital


Student-athlete battles two forms of Leukemia


Teacher turns fish house into magical classroom


Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden

Image Hillary Clinton will endorse Joe Biden on Tuesday, a source familiar with the plans tells CNN, bringing support of the Democratic standard bearer from four years ago behind the former vice president and current presumptive nominee.

Trump tells governors to 'seriously consider' opening schools

Image • Coronavirus could be tied to a rare but serious illness in children • Here's what to know about contact tracing

Accidental disinfectant poisonings in children on the rise during pandemic

Image When his daughter was born, Alex Kaplan thought his home was babyproof. He was wrong.

The first medical doctor to play in the NFL went from a Super Bowl win to the coronavirus front line

Image Laurent Duvernay-Tardif was playing in the biggest game of his life less than three months ago, bringing home the Kansas City Chiefs' first Super Bowl victory in 50 years.